Bank Manager

Bank Manager – Guarding And Overseeing Locations Of Fiscal Interest!

This role and function falls into the financial / economic category in the banking sector. also referred to as a bank branch manager. Senior Managers – Financial, Communications and Other Business Services Managers work either alone or in conjunction with a board of directors and reporting staff in a particular location/branch.

They develop and establish objectives for `the company’ (bank) develop or approve policies and programs. They plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate, through middle managers, the operations of their organization, in relation to established objectives. They take on their shoulders daily operation, being and staying within budget and serving customers.

This is a more progressive/senior role in banking or financial career, managers in this unit group prefer to perform some or all of the following duties, with expertise and exposure to the industry and banking (financial transactional processes, products and service delivery), with supervisory and managerial scope, mandate and responsibility:

  • Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the branch operations of a bank, trust company, credit union or similar financial institution or of a department in such an institution responsible for administering personal and commercial loans, buying and selling securities, operating investment funds, administering trusts, settling estates or other related activities
  • Ensure the institution’s policies and procedures are followed according to established guidelines and make recommendations for improvement
  • Network to develop business relations, promote the sale of loan, investment and other banking services and attract corporate and individual customers
  • Interview corporate and individual customers and respond to customer enquiries
  • Analyze, review and approve or reject loan and credit applications in accordance with authorized limits
  • Monitor processing of loan applications and credit investigations
  • Oversee preparation of monthly financial and branch progress reports
  • Recruit personnel and identify their training needs.

Branch managers of financial institutions, administer and manage all of the functions of a branch office, which may include hiring personnel, approving loans and lines of credit, establishing a rapport with the community to attract business, and assisting customers with account problems. Financial managers who work for financial institutions, must keep abreast of the rapidly growing array of financial services and products.

Employment will grow as the economy expands and increases the need for workers with financial expertise. Specialization in a particular functional area or service may occur, either through specific university training in that area and through previous experience. Senior managers in finance usually require a professional accounting designation.

American Bankers Association

American Banking Association

ABA Banking Journal Online

A university degree in business administration, commerce, computer science or other discipline related to the service provided is usually required. Several years of experience as a middle manager in financial, communications or other business services are usually required. A bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or a related field is the minimum academic preparation, but many employers increasingly seek graduates with a master’s degree.

Financial credentials like CFP, CA, CGA, CMA, CFA etc. can all add a competitive edge and are increasingly pursued by serious career-focused individuals (almost an entry requirement for advancement in the financial industry). There is no real substitute for hard work, expertise and learning about banking from the ground up. For many branch managers the career-path from here-on goes up the ladder and the road might easily lead to regional, national and executive management position, enhanced reputation and ongoing study will always form part of that success equation and strategy.

financial manager, bank branch manager


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