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Displaying Leadership Qualities Builds Strong Teams

Employers today want their workforce to act as a team. They recognize the fact that accomplishments are not made in a vacuum, that each individual worker has something to contribute to the overall success of the organization. They don't want a staff that cannot work effectively together. In essence, a workforce should act as a unit for the common good.

But how can you build a strong team especially with a number of divergent personalities? Certainly, it takes a great deal of time and patience to develop a spirit of teamwork among your employees. One of the key ways that you can encourage teamwork is for you yourself to display strong leadership.

Lead by example

Leading by example is a highly effective technique. People are more likely to emulate those whom they admire. If you want employees who are dedicated to the company, show that you are dedicated to your own employees. If you want a staff who is conscientious, be sure to take all your job duties seriously.

It is important that you treat all your employees with dignity and respect. At times, your patience might be sorely tested. But recognize the fact that if you treat your employees with kindness, they are more likely to treat each other with kindness in return.

Be a decision-maker

As the boss, you will need to make a number of key decisions. It is important that your employees perceive you as a strong decision-maker. Otherwise, they might lose respect for you and lose confidence in the organization as a whole. Employees also want clearly defined rules to follow. If the structure of your organization is too loose, your employees might have a difficult time working together as a team.

That said, it is also important that you do not come off looking like a ruthless dictator. Be sure to seek employee input in decisions where appropriate. Such a collaborative approach helps you to build trust among your workers. Your employees are also more likely to make suggestions about how to improve your company's operations, if they realize that you value their opinions.

Recognize your role

It is critically important that you recognize your role within a given organization. If you are the boss, you need to act as a coach, motivating your employees to give their personal best to the company. If you think of yourself as a coach, chances are greater that your employees will think of themselves as being part of a cohesive team.

At the first sign of trouble within your organization, you must make a resolution to find a solution to the problem. Letting problems fester can hurt morale and, therefore, can destroy a team-like atmosphere. You must recognize the fact that the emotional health of your organization is just as important as its financial health.

Emulate leaders you admire

One sure way to become a leader within your organization is to begin to emulate leaders whom you admire. If you have grown to respect a certain company president, make sure you ask him or her for advice. You might be amazed at what you can accomplish with the right role model.



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