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Hospitality Manager

The Hospitality Manager is one of the most critical jobs in the Hospitality Industry. This is the person that develops the character and personality of the property he or she manages. Their job is to make the property comfortable, inviting and appealing, while ensuring that it is run in an organized fashion.

Hospitality Managers can be employed by resorts, hotels, bed and breakfasts and cruise ships. Theirs is a strategic management role, developing their property to be a place where their guest will feel at home and be anxious to return. The Hospitality Manager should be skilled at anticipating what the customer needs and wants and providing these amenities. They must develop the proper menu of services for their guests, but also be able to provide specialty services on request.

Hospitality managers typically supervise hotel staff, such as front desk clerks, bell persons, cleaning crew and specialty services staff. Therefore, the hospitality manager must be skilled at interviewing, hiring and training these employees. He may also be responsible for scheduling the hotel staff.

The Hospitality Manager may have accounting responsibilities as well, supervising the staff that handles the money, and keeping the overall books. He will also be required to work within an overall hotel operating budget, making sure that expenses don't get out of hand and that rates are priced appropriately.

Hospitality managers may also be responsible for advertising and promotions for their property. They may work with advertising agencies and marketing professionals to put together promotions and ad campaigns. They may also organize special events, contests, games and entertainment for hotel guests. When there are conventions in town, they may arrange special services for hotel guests attending the convention, such as shuttle buses to the convention center.

The duties of the Hospitality Manager can vary greatly by hotel. In smaller hotels, the Hospitality Manager may have a wide variety of responsibilities and a great deal of freedom in determining services to be offered and the hotel's overall image. In large hotel and resort chains, however, there may be strict guidelines regarding services and image, and the Hospitality Managers chief task may be to ensure that his property operates according to the corporate philosophy.

Hospitality managers are typically required to have a degree in Hospitality Management, also referred to as Hotel Management by some. They should have several years of experience in the Hospitality Industry, as well. Some accounting and general management experience is helpful, as well. They should have an outgoing personality and excellent people skills, and should be energetic and enthusiastic about the property they manage. They should have excellent customer service skills and be detail oriented. They must be able to communicate effectively with personnel and customers, and have problem resolution skills.

The role of Hospitality Manager can be exciting and fun filled. In many cases, you are afforded the luxury of living in a beautiful and exotic place, and managing a first class business. If you love the luxury hotel life, and are adept at making things run smoothly and keeping people happy, this could be an excellent career choice for you. Check out available hospitality management jobs at



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