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How To Secure An Interview Call Back


As a job seeker, it is up to you to make opportunities for yourself. While there are definitely stories of people who land great jobs when someone walks up to them on the street, you may not be one of them. So you need to do some leg work and make things happen for yourself. It is up to you to do the research in your industry and keep up with trends and changes. You are the one who has to look at all the job advertisements and answer them. You are the one who has to revise and correct your resume. You are the one who has to keep your interview skills up to speed. And you may be the one who can get you that coveted second interview.

Getting a call back after an interview is a great feeling. And you may assume that if you are qualified for the job, the second interview is a sure thing. But assuming this could get you a lot of rejections before you figure out what you are doing wrong. Again, this is your job search and your career path, so you must be the one to take charge of it. But, you may be asking, how can you convince someone to call you back if they do not want to call you?

Well, the answer of course is that you can't. If you do not meet the requirements for the job or do not fit into what the employer envisions for the office culture, you will not get called for a second interview. But what if you do meet all these criteria, along with twenty other applicants? This is where you need to fend for yourself and make opportunities happen.

One of the best ways to get yourself a second interview is to use the assumption that you are already hired. This means that at the end of the interview when the employer asks if you have any questions, you ask them in a specific way. Instead of asking what type of department do you have for marketing? Ask what type of department will I be working with on marketing? This assumes that you will get the job.

This is a great way to test the waters as to whether or not the interviewer is interested in you. If they reword the question to include the word "if" you may not be a shoe in for the position. But if they answer it straight away, you get an idea that you are at least in contention.

Another way to lead the interviewer to calling you back for the second interview is to ask them straight out if they are interested in you. Be respectful and state your interest in the position and your desire to work for the company. Then simply ask if they are interested in you. If they respond in the positive in any way, follow up by asking what the next step is. This should leave an open opportunity to schedule that second interview.

If neither of these techniques works for you or are too bold, remember the basics of interviewing etiquette. Always write a thank you note to everyone who interviews you. Express your interest in the position and desire to work at the company. This step alone could separate you from other applicants enough to get you back in the door.



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