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Identify And Eliminate Your Areas Of Weakness

It is always easier to identify our strengths but it is equally important to be aware of our weaknesses when planning a career change. Your strengths are the positive attributes that you can bring to the job, while your areas of weakness are those that do not meet the minimum requirements or are skills or training that you are lacking to be successful at completing the job.


Often having the minimum training requirements may seem like a weakness, especially in a slow job market. The more advanced and up-to-date your training record is the more confident that you will be in an interview and the more eye catching your resume will be. Take an honest look at your qualifications and plan to attend training that will boost your current level of expertise in areas that you feel weakest in.


You may also feel that you are weaker in areas dealing with technology use. A few simple weekend or online classes can quickly bring you up to speed on computer programs, Internet use, VoIP phones, networking, using laptops or PDA's. In addition most colleges, employment centers or continuing education programs offer evening and weekend classes on technology and computer use.

The important thing to remember about technology is that it is always changing. What was cutting edge technology even a year ago is now old news, so staying current is important.


Communicating effectively with co-workers, managers and clients is a crucial part of most jobs. Taking some extra training in the area of communication can really help increase your confidence and professional presentation. Most employers are checking for communication competency throughout the interview. Speaking clearly and knowing what to say and when to say it is important.


There are few employment opportunities that don't have the potential for conflict. Taking mediation or problem-solving classes will help with the natural fear that many people have when dealing with these stressful situations. This is a particularly good training to take if the employment that you are seeking interacts with the public.

By identifying your weaknesses you can plan a course of action to eliminate them. This can only happen if you honestly look at the skills that you have and the skills that are needed to obtain the job you want. Once you have done this all that is left is to research the courses or experience needed and make a plan to complete it.



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