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Merchandiser - Master Of Supply And Demand

Merchandisers act as stock clerks and order fillers, who receive, unpack, check, store, and track merchandise or materials. They keep records of items entering or leaving the stockroom and inspect damaged or spoiled goods. They sort, organize, and mark items with identifying codes, such as price, stock, or inventory control codes, so that inventories can be located quickly and easily. They also may be required to lift cartons of various sizes. In larger establishments, where they may be responsible for only one task, they may be called stock-control clerks, merchandise distributors, or property custodians.

A vast array of candidates can be interested in this role. Those traditional career-oriented full-time retail and wholesale buyers, as well as seasonal and/or contract, part-time employees, may perform some or all of the following duties:

    • Purchase merchandise for resale by retail or wholesale establishments
    • Review requirements of establishment and determine quantity and type of merchandise to purchase
    • Study market reports, trade periodicals and sales promotion materials and visit trade shows, showrooms, factories and product design events
    • Select the merchandise which best fits the establishment's requirements
    • Interview suppliers and negotiate prices, discounts, credit terms and transportation arrangements
    • Oversee distribution of merchandise to outlets and maintain adequate stock levels
    • Establish and maintain contact with suppliers
    • Supervise the work of other retail buyers.

In smaller firms, candidates may also perform tasks usually handled by shipping and receiving clerks. Some/most merchandisers these days use hand-held scanners connected to computers to keep inventories up to date. In retail stores, stock clerks bring merchandise to the sales floor and stock shelves and racks. In stockrooms and warehouses, stock clerks store materials in bins, on floors, or on shelves. Instead of putting the merchandise on the sales floor or on shelves, order fillers take customers' orders and either holds the merchandise until the customers can pick it up or send it to them.

It is also by far, the largest material recording, -scheduling, -dispatching, and -distributing occupation. About 75 percent work in wholesale and retail trade. The greatest numbers are found in grocery stores, followed by department stores. Jobs for stock clerks are found in all parts of the country, but most work in large urban areas, that have many large suburban shopping centers, warehouses, and factories. Employment of stock clerks and order fillers who work in grocery, general merchandise, department, apparel, and accessories stores is expected to be somewhat less affected by automation, because much of their work is done manually and is difficult to automate. In addition, the increasing role of large retail outlets and warehouses, as well as catalogue, mail, telephone, and Internet shopping services, should bolster employment of stock clerks and order fillers in these sectors of retail trade.

State employment service offices can provide information about job openings for stock clerks and order fillers. Retail and Wholesale Buyers fall into this category as well. buy merchandise for resale by retail and wholesale establishments and are usually responsible for the merchandising operations of retail and wholesale establishments. Retail and wholesale buyers who are supervisors and those who are assistants are included in this unit group.

Completion of secondary school is required. A university degree or college diploma in business, marketing or a related program is usually required. Previous work experience in retail or wholesale establishments is usually required. Supervisors and senior buyers require supervisory experience.

Retail and wholesale buyers may specialize through experience or product-related training courses. Progression to management positions in retail trade, sales, marketing or advertising is possible with additional training or experience.

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