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Doctor Resume

We are the experts for your Doctor Resume. What we will do -

The dedication, commitment, expertise and professionalism demanded by doctors in an increasingly pressurised medical system means that you have to strive to be almost super human in your daily activities and role.
There is absolutely no margin for error in this profession. Demonstrating this expertise and the vast amounts of knowledge absorbed throughout your training, internship and practice is vital if you are to produce a resume that clearly details your strengths and abilities.
In a world where financial constraints have made the provision of healthcare increasingly more difficult it is vital to portray the level of knowledge, expertise compassion and empathy that you bring to your role. While empathy and compassion may seem like softer skills, they are every bit as important to impart.
In truth Doctors are looked to, to provide compassion, understanding and effective communication to patients and families as they impart welcome and unwelcome diagnosis and advice.
Your resume needs to reflect your professionalism and dedication to your patients. All successes and achievements must be merited and detailed. The human face of medicine must be reflected within your resume quite apart from the demonstration of clinical skills and expertise.

Examples are as follows:

# Educated patients / family members to health care needs, conditions, processes and options.
# Performed extensive research of current health system, developing recommendations and making significant improvements to the health system at the hospital through securing the recruitment of additional doctors, improvements in drug supplies, the sourcing of new laboratory equipment and the installation of new X-ray equipment.
# Performed elective surgeries consisting of the following: Partial hip replacement, vascular surgical repair of bracial, femoral and radial arteries, nerve repair to the radial and ulnar nerve, open reduction and internal fixation of fractures using plate and screws on femoral, humeral, ulnar, radial and fibular bones, in addition to the intramedullary nailing of fractures to humerus, femur and ulna.

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