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Why Recruiters Appreciate Thank You Letters

Recruiters play a major role in the job search market. They help you craft your job correspondence, secure leads and interviews and negotiate the best deal for your services. Recruiters make job hunters lives a lot easier; they do the groundwork and help find positions that suit the skills and experience of their clients. Recruiters are an instrumental part of the job search process.

Recruiters do a lot of behind the scenes work so they are often overlooked when it comes to thank you appreciations. A thank you letter to a recruiter will be sincerely appreciated. First and foremost it will be taken as a sign of respect and will really cement your professionalism in the mind of the recruiter.

When a recruiter puts someone forward for a job his or her credibility goes on the line. If the candidate is unsuitable, unprofessional or not right for the job it reflects on the recruiter. If you have been professional throughout your dealings with the recruiter chances are you will be considered for more opportunities. If you take the time to thank them for each opportunity they present you with then you will be building a strong relationship. Recruiters are more likely to want to help those that appreciate the time and effort they put into helping people find a job.

Your relationship with the recruiter will determine the tone and approach you take to the letter. If you have a relaxed relationship then a small hand written thank you note will suffice. Try something along the lines of "Once again you have done a great job setting me with yet another opportunity. Thanks for all your hard work" For something a little more formal try "I am sincerely grateful for the time and effort you have put into helping me secure this opportunity. Thank you for your professionalism and commitment.

You will be surprised how a little consideration like that will open doors for future opportunities. Even more than that the recipient will truly appreciate it. Networking is about taking the time to build solid relationships. Sending a thank you note or letter will set you apart from the competition and establish the foundations for a successful relationship.



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