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Recent college graduates face different challenges than the average job seeker. Their lack of experience in the work force often make them ineligible for many of the jobs listed on typical job search engines. understands the special needs of recent graduates and strives to meet the challenges by providing a job search engine that offers information for entry level positions. Their user friendly search function allows you to search for jobs broken into several key categories including entry level, some experience required, professional level, and even internships. offers much more than just a job posting search engine. Targeted for college students and recent alumni, it offers a wide variety of resources that young job seekers can glean from. One of its unique features is a breakdown of different careers, broken down by industry, that are available in today's job market. It also includes a career analysis to help you decide just what career you are suited for.

With a library of articles offering advice directed specifically for first time applicants, the information offered on is a much appreciated resource. The site offers resume writing tips and includes several free resume templates for a variety of different jobs and internships. It also offers sampled of resumes to give you an idea of what employers are looking for. One of the best attributes at is the resume review. The resume review is a completely free service is offered by the company Strategic Resumes and it is an exclusive benefit for visitors to also has lots of counsel when it comes to cover letters. With a set of sample cover letters, advice on mistakes to avoid, and a helpful checklist, the resources offered at will help you be assured that your cover letter is professional and complete.

Once your resume and cover letter have worked their magic on a recruiter, doesn't leave you in the lurch. The site helps you to prepare for the interview process, negotiate a good salary and benefits package, and sort through job offers to find the perfect career. One feature of the that is unique to the site is a relocation guide. Full of tips for moving to a new region, selling or buying a home, and understanding the tax issues and deductions a move can bring, the relocation guide is a must read for any college graduate that is taking a job far away from where they grew up or went to school.

Navigating through the crazy process of finding a job is never easy, but when you are a recent college graduate, it can be completely overwhelming. offers assistance for college students that you won't find on most job search sites. It is reassuring to have a company that not only understands the unique needs of its visitors but works diligently to meet those needs in new and exciting ways.



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