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download now is the United State's government's official site for federal jobs and employment resources. It is a one stop source for all information concerning federal jobs and employment information. The site allows you to explore over 20,000 federal jobs that are located in its job database. The search feature is very easy to use and yield fairly individualized results. The site also offers a service that allows you to post your resume and allow it to be seen by thousands of potential employers on a daily basis. Some of these employers include the military, the IRS, The Office of Homeland Security, The Federal Bureau of Prisons, and The National Park Service. is an extremely easy site to navigate. With a large collection of tutorials, the site walks you through any feature of the site that you might want to use. They also offer downloadable guides to help walk you through the site and provide you with additional resource material about the process of finding a job.

The site works in three easily managed steps. First you create a free account for yourself. Creating an account allows you to create and post resumes, attract employers to you, and receive job announcements in your email inbox. Once you have created an account, you can go to the job boards and contact any employer or recruiter that has posted an ad for a job. The best part is that you can use your resume that is now online to apply for any of the over 20,000 jobs in the database. Once you have set up an account you are then able to have help managing your career. offers a lot of information and advice about getting and maintaining a government job.

The search engine is easy to use. It searches jobs by a myriad of criteria. You can look for federal jobs based on location, industry, salary range or even civil service ranking. There is also a search feature that is powered by keywords. has done everything possible to make the search for a federal job a simple process.

One of the greatest resources on the site is its archive of employment forms. Everything from brochures that provide information to applying for a federal job to veteran's preference forms can be downloaded and printed from your computer. If a job that is listed on the board requires a special form to be filled out in order to apply, that form will be found on the site.

The site also offers a library of articles to help you prepare yourself to look for a job. The topics include resumes, career assessments, and even a breakdown of federal jog benefits. There is certainly enough information contained on the site to help you decide if a federal job is the type of employment you want to seek.



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